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The jars of preserves are practical and antiseptic objects that can be easily reused if necessary. For example, with a little imagination they can be transformed into elegant ornaments or into fancy containers . You can also decide to beautify a jar to give a homemade jam.

Before starting work, it is advisable to protect the table (or other surface) with a cloth or with sheets of newspaper. It is advisable to choose a properly lit floor. Then the jar is carefully washed; if you decide to use it for other foods it is preferable to sterilize it by boiling it in water for about 10 minutes. To paint the jar, a “low-tack” ribbon ring must be applied inside, about 2 cm from the opening. In this way it is a guide for the application of colors. An idea can be to apply some stencils to get a more precise design.

Now you have to mix the acrylic paints (or latex) in small bowls to achieve the desired colors and dilute the paint with water. It is advisable to use a sponge brush to easily take the paint off the plate. Two or more coats of paint should be applied to obtain complete coverage. If a “double level” effect is desired, the varnish must be dried before applying overlapping finishes or embellishments. For another type of decoration you can cut out fabrics in the desired shapes to create an original coating.

If you want to reuse the jars of preserves to make other items to give away or keep at home just give free rein to your imagination. You can create beautiful candles with paraffin, beeswax and wicks to put in the decorated pots; moreover, the external paint can be combined with the color of the wax. Another idea is to lay the soil with seeds in the jar to create an original flower vase. Outside, you can apply plastic flowers, dried leaves or small organza roses.

In order to seal and protect the work, if painting has been used, it is advisable to use a satin-finish, glossy or opaque paint as a cover. After drying, apply a second coat with a soft cloth or a flat brush. If the jars for the preserves are intended for outdoor use, it is preferable to perform a third coat of varnish to ensure greater protection. If the seals have been used for the creation, they must be decorated with a cotton cover. It is fixed with a satin ribbon or with an elastic band sewn inside.

In recent years, more and more original ideas are taking hold to make placeholders. Years ago a piece of paper was enough with names written on them but over the years new ideas were born and one of these are placeholder jars that can be created not only at really low prices but also with their own hands.

These jars can be made for many occasions , in this guide I will show you how to create three different types of jars placeholders for three types of different occurrences.

There are really a lot of ideas to make some placeholder jars for a wedding. The first thing to do is get the jars that can be bought in haberdashery or maybe jars of homogenized or jam or any type of glass jar; can be filled as you prefer, if the wedding takes place in a place where there is a typical product then the ideal thing would be to fill the jar with that product, for example chestnuts or honey. Filled the vase would be nice to decorate it with ribbons and maybe attach a parchment with a phrase chosen by the couple or with the name of the guest to whom it is intended.

Another occasion in which you can realize in a nice way the placeholders in a jar is the Christmas dinner or lunch. After you get the jars you can make them some candles. Obtain some red candles and dissolve them in a saucepan, then pour the hot wax into your jars making sure to place the string of the wick in the correct way, after which leave the wax solidify; in the meantime you can cover the edge with ribbons and red laces and if you prefer you could also close the lid and paint the name or maybe instead of using the special cap you can use a piece of cloth or jute and tie it with a ribbon.

The last type of placeholder jars we will discuss in this guide can be used mostly as a small tribute to children in communions or baptisms or even birthday parties. In this case it is not necessary that the jars are made of glass, they should also be colored and instead of a cap that comes off completely, even those with a hermetic seal are used where the can and the closure are always attached. They can obviously be filled with anything but probably the best thing is to fill them with simple candies or chocolates and at most add a small but small gift, a bit ‘like the surprise of the eggs.

If you want to do something very original to decorate your home or your garden or even to give a gift to friends and relatives, in an extremely simple and fast way; you can use very simple terracotta jars that you no longer use and make nutcracker style statuettes. First you need to get a 14 cm diameter terracotta pot, another 12 cm in diameter and the other 4, 2 and 5 cm diameter pots. Once this is done, he assembles the nutcracker, placing two large jars for the trousers, one of which is red and the other black, another red vase turned upside down for the bust and three jars for the arms. Knot two large wooden spheres that will represent the hands of the figure without cutting the remaining raffia threads. For the hair, paste the plush strips on the edge of the vase that makes up the head.

Finally, you will have to build the face of your nutcracker with the foam rubber mustache, nose and eyes moving, adding the features of the mouth and eyebrows. Fix the buttons and tie the lantern with a piece of residual thread protruding from one hand, adding a little glue if necessary to make the knot safer. Now you have to paint with paint the statuette that you have made, you have to paint your trousers all black, then the bust will look like a soldier’s jacket, so you can paint it the color you prefer, you can choose red, black, blue or white . Then you have to paint the straps and the belt to the waist.

Then with the color silver or golden as you prefer, you have to make some buttons on the jacket. Finally you have to take another terracotta pot of the shape you like most to form the hat of your soldier. Also this you can paint it of the color that you prefer.

The glass jars can be used for various purposes, not only for cooking, storing food, but also for furniture, adapting them to their own taste with a bit of DIY . If there are many possible projects, along this guide we will try to give you some advice on how to use glass jars in a creative way .

Everyone will have found himself in the hands of the common metal cans that originally served to contain food or drink. Well know that those empty cans , instead of thrown away, can be transformed and decorated, so as to obtain small pots perfect to contain some aromatic plants .